Wittywhino boat

In the summer of 2003 I purchased the boat from Wittywhino for $300. The boat is a 16' fiberglass open bow ski boat with a 70hp Chrysler motor. It'll be fun to play with. It needed cleaned up and some repairs made. The floor needed replacing and some other little things needed fixed.

I took everything out of the boat, including the seats, and gave it a good cleaning. It had sat outside for years.

It looks better cleaned up.

I'm keeping it in the garage and out of the weather.

The next thing I did was remove the carpet. The center section of the floor is open from bow to stern. This is where it was soft and rotten.

I removed the old floor using a circular saw, jig saw, sawzall, and a prybar.

Update May 2005 - I've had the marine plywood for the floor and the carpet for awhile, just not had any time (or motivation) to work on the boat.

Update July 2007 - I've decided to start working on the boat again. I think I'll get it fixed up and sell it. I found out that my motorcycle hitch fits into my mower. It's great for pulling the boat around.

Update September 2007 - I finally got myself motivated enough to start on the project. I used my small 18V circular saw to cut out some more flooring I've needed to remove. I cut replacement braces and planks from treated 1x6 and gave them a coating of spar urethane.

The next step was to place the actual floor. I used marine plywood. Now I'm ready for a fiberglass coating. I'd been dreading replacing the floor for years and in the end I did it one afternoon.

Update May 26, 2008 - After staring at the boat all winter taking up space in the garage, and coming to the realization that I'll probably never use the boat even if I finished it, I put the boat on Ebay. Today the boat left for Alexandria, KY to be fixed up for a fishing boat. The boat is gone...long live the boat. I wish it "fair winds and following seas".

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