Virtual Station Tour

We've started our tour by entering through the garage entry door. Pardon our mess...we are still in transition.

On the right can be seen our new storage shelves. We have so much storage space the shelves almost look empty. This equipment was overflowing in our old station. Ambulance 3, our paramedic truck, has just been washed and is ready for another run.

Looking left we see Ambulance 2. It is the 'Advanced' truck. You can see the vast amount of room in our new garage. We could easily get six trucks in here. Our old station would barely fit two.

Here we are looking back towards the door we entered through.

Straight ahead is the door to the breezeway. On the right are our supply cabinets. Directly behind the ambulance is our ventilation fan. It comes on automatically when the doors raise to remove diesel fumes. The garage has its own heating and cooling system, as well as ceiling fans.

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