OnSpot automatic tire chains

When we ordered our last ambulance there was some discussion about purchasing a four wheel drive ambulance. We have occasional snowfall here in the winter and there are usually a couple occasions each year it would have been nice to have a 4WD ambulance.

Four wheels drives are cool, and a 4WD ambulance would be especially cool. However, there are several downsides:

- We normally purchase mini-mod ambulances. These have single rear wheels. A 4WD ambulance would have to be made on a dual rear wheel chassis. More cost.

- A 4WD upcost is about $10,000 to $15,000 more than a 2WD ambulance.

- A 4WD ambulance sits higher, rides rougher, and requires more maintenance.

- There are logistics problems such as which crew drives the 4WD ambulance? There are really relatively few times when we need 4WD. Also, an inexperienced driver with 4WD will just end up getting stuck worse.

Given these considerations our service decided to install OnSpot automatic tire chains. For the upcost of one 4WD ambulance we can retrofit all of our present ambulances.

Here are a couple shots of the OnSpot chains.

When activated the chain systems pivot down. The drive wheel contacts the tire and spins the chains under the tire. Very simple and effective.

Here is the activation switch.

An outside sticker.

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