TP163 repeater controller

I use the TP163 repeater controller from Connect Systems. It seems to be the best value of features vs. cost. Zetron also makes good repeater controllers, but they seem to be noticeably more expensive for the same features.

- TP163 Specs page

I like it that the controller can be programmed three ways: via computer, via modem, or over the air via DTMF tones. Some controllers are only programmable over the air via DTMF. I don't like this to be the only method.

The TP163 offers plenty of easy-to-access adjustments.

The TP163 used on our fire department repeater has been in operation 24/7 since mid 1999 without a single problem.

There are a few things I'd like to see added to these controllers. I wish they had a better selection of tones for the courtesy beeps and Morse Code ID. The ID can be 500 or 1000Hz. The courtesy beeps are 500HZ, and are a single beep. Other controllers offer tone frequencies of 400-4000Hz. They also offer different types of courtesy beeps. I also wish these controllers were available without the rack mount, or that part was detachable.

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