Here is a view of the air intake modification I made. The blue strobe light was a constraint I had to work around. There would be more ways to modify the air intake without it.

Here is a view of the airbox intake. In stock form the only opening to this area is a little space above the frame. The stock airbox snout also extended far into this space, so I cut some of it off. The PVC pipe directs the fresh air directly towards the airbox.

A piece of flexible hose could be used in place of the PVC pipe and connected directly to the air intake for a 'ram air' affect. I might try this sometime. If I do, I'll post a picture here.

I also cut a couple holes in the intake space to allow air to enter from the 'D' .

The new K&N air filter is on the left, and the stock filter is on the right. In the background I painted the 'Triton V10' to make it stand out.

I recently modified my filter housing like this. I seemed to have gain a little more throttle response.

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