1. Whelen power supply for the strobe lights.

2. Bass Bazooka

3. Sony 10-CD changer

4. 4-channel stereo amplifier

5. Accessory relays, fuses, and wiring

6. Light bar relays, fuses, and wiring

On my last truck the relays and wiring were in the engine compartment. I would occasionally have problems with moisture and corrosion. I haven't had any problems with the wiring inside.

I am a firm believer in using fuses on all wiring and relays were advisable.

Between the banks of relays are a couple of fuse panels. These work nicely. I purchased them from J.C. Whitney.

I trimmed the carpeting along the back wall of the cab to allow mounting the components on the wall. There are lots of knockouts on the wall and floor to pass wires through.

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