Borla header installation

Here is how the Borla headers arrived at my front door.

Here are the contents...stainless steel headers, new Y-pipe, Stage 8 locking bolts, gaskets, etc. What's not included? Instructions! I purchased the headers (P/N 17172) from Truck Champ.

I follow the discussion forums at One of the problems some people have had with these Borla headers is the EGR fitting on the header not matching the Ford fitting. Before I ordered these headers I contacted both Borla and Truck Performance. Both places said the problem had been identified and corrected, and the headers I received would have the correct fitting.

Here is the EGR tube. There is another fitting (pictured below) that screws into the manifold/header. The EGR tube is a flare connector and screws into this fitting. The first thing I did is trial fit the EGR fitting in the Borla header to make sure it fit like I was doubly told.

Guess what...the fitting didn't fit into the header. Imagine that!!

Here is the problem. On the left is the plug that's included with the Borla headers. It's NPT (pipe thread). The Ford fitting (on the right) is standard thread...possibly metric.

Borla and Truck Performance have been notified. Truck Performance referred me to Borla. Borla said they would check into it and call me back. So far they haven't. The story will continue as the problem is worked out....

I called Borla today and spoke to the customer service representative. He said he had researched the problem, and 'supposedly' the Ford fitting is supposed to be a pipe thread. He said I must be an isolated case, and suggested I find an adapter to use. What's that smell? Possibly...bullshit?!! Especially since they told me before I bought the headers that the problem was known and corrected. We'll see.

No word from Borla. I even sent them a letter. Screw 'em! My dad made a new fitting (above) from the old Ford fitting and a 3/4" NPT pipe plug.

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