Bulldog Securities remote starter

After all the problems I had with my DesignTech remote starter I decided to replace it with one from Bulldog Securities. I found their Model 62 had all the features I wanted, so I ordered one.

Here is the Bulldog Model 62. I was pleasantly surprised to find they sent me their new 62i model. It has integrated relays. The normal Model 62 has four external relays.

Here are the contents.

Installation was very simple since I had all the connections already ran to the board.

The Bulldog starter uses less external relays than the DesignTech starter. It also has a longer antenna lead. Everything works as advertised. I also like the programming method for the Bulldog alot better. It uses the remote control.

Update - Spring 2004 - The Bulldog starter works better than the Designtech starter, but it's not perfect.

- After a week or so the range went from around 500 feet to around 50 feet.
- Sometimes when attempting to start the truck the lights will flash, but the truck won't start.
- Sometimes when unlocking the doors the truck will start.

I'd say if I buy another remote starter for another truck I'll continue my search for a good, reliable remote starter.

Update - Spring 2005 - I connected the power for the remote start to the main battery and it seems to work better. I think when the auxiliary battery was low it affected the remote start.

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