Swaybar bushing replacement

After the installation of my lift kit I had a few bumps/creaks/thumps to isolate and correct. I also noticed the swaybar was not centered when the truck was put together. While I was in AutoZone I noticed these...

...greaseable polyurethane swaybar bushings. They were $16.99 a pair.

The size for my swaybar is 1 1/4".

The grease fitting...

...matches a hole in the bushing.

The inside of the bushing has channels for the grease to flow through.

The spacing of the factory bracket bolts was more than the new brackets would accomodate, so I lengthened the slot on the bottom with a cutoff wheel.

Installation is straightforward, and only requires a 13mm socket. I used larger washers on the bolts.

The factory rubber bushings were very tight around the swaybar and I couldn't pivot the swaybar by hand. The new bushings allow the swaybar to move easily. It seems to me this would be better and would allow the swaybar to flex with the suspension the way it should. It might be my imagination, but the front end seems less 'creaky' with the new bushings. Even if it isn't, it was worth $17 and 30 minutes to be able to grease the bushings. I like to be able maintain the truck parts...I wish every moving part had a grease fitting. The swaybar is now centered, too.

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