Here is the Nokia CARK-91H kit installed next to the ESOF. I ran the wires into the storage pocket and through a hole I drilled. The phone cradle is rock solid. It is well within reach while driving and easy to see. The cradle automatically charges the phone as needed.

Also visible is my Sony radio and equalizer and Yaesu two-way radio. The phone cradle made a handy place to hang my radio microphone.

The gray box is the control box for the CARK-91. I velcro'd it under the steering wheel.

To the right of the control box is the fuse panel I installed. Below the control box is the junction point for my A-pillar guage wiring.

Here's a closeup of the cradle mounting bracket.

The CARK kit also includes a handset that I have temporarily mounted on my center console.

The kit also includes a remote microphone...

...and an external speaker.

Update 12/26/2004 - I removed the CARK kit from my truck and gave it to John. I know have a Motorola flip phone.

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