Heater hose valve

A commonly noted problem for Ford Superdutys is marginal air conditioning...especially in crew cabs. Some people at Ford-Diesel.com have found that installing a shutoff valve in the heater hose can allow the air conditioner to work more effectively. Many vehicles have a vaccum-actuated shutoff valve, but not the Superduty. I guess Ford saved a few dollars by not installing one. I'm going to install one and see how it does. It's a cheap and easy project.

Here is the heater shutoff valve I picked up at the local Hoosier Parts auto store for $12.47. The heater hose is 3/4" for my V-10. I'm not sure what size the diesels are...either 5/8" or 3/4".

Here is my completed installation. The hose on the left is the uncut factory hose. I used an ~ 3 ft. piece of 3/4" heater hose for the other connection.

The air conditioning is colder now. I rarely use 'Max A/C' anymore. One of these days I might get one of those thermometers and do a comparison with the valve opened and closed.

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