Hellwig rear antiswaybar

Here is what you get from the UPS man. I purchased the kit from Summit Racing.

Here are the contents of the antiswaybar kit. The kit includes two different lengths of links for lifted trucks. Hellwig said their kit would work with up to a 6" lift. I'm interested to see if it will.

The first step is to install the 'D' bushings onto the swaybar. It's not as easy as it seems. The bushings don't open up very much. I had to pry them open with a railroad spike and beat them onto the swaybar. Grease the inside of the bushings to keep them from squeaking.

Since a rear swaybar is a factory option, the mounting points are cast into the axle housing. This makes a nice mounting point for the kit.

The bottom bushing bracket is placed on the lug.

The U-bolts are inserted into the factory grooves and through the bushing brackets. The brake lines were out of the way and didn't present any problems.

Attach the swaybar to the brackets on the axle with the U-bolts. Tighten with a 3/4" socket.

The frame-mounted bracket uses an existing hole. The mounting bolt can be seen poking through the hole. The bolt is pre-welded to a backing plate.

Jumping ahead, here is the mounted bracket. This picture will help explain a few things in the next picture.

The upper bolt takes a 3/4" socket. The lower bolt 11/16".

At the bottom of the picture is the mounting bolt which is pre-welded to the backing plate. The J-bolt pictured attaches to the bottom of the frame as shown in the previous picture. The hole for the J-bolt on the bracket was nowhere close to being right, so I had to drill another one...it's the second hole from the top. It took me longer to drill these holes than to install the swaybar kit.

The red cup contains sweet tea...one of the staples of life.

Here's a picture I took later. It shows a good view of the assembly. The hardware seems prone to rust. After this picture I gave it a good coat of rustproofing.

The swaybar links with sleeves and bushings are assembled. This is the longest link in the kit, and was just barely long enough for my 5.5" lift. This takes a 5/8" socket.

It took me about 1 hour to install the kit and another hour to drill the holes in the brackets (thanks to dull drill bits).


The antiswaybar does its job. Gone is the outward roll in corners. Rough roads are slightly rougher, but not enough to complain about. I'm definitely glad I did it.

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