Mile Marker hubs

A while back I modified my automatic hubs by disconnecting the vacuum and removing the automatic feature. I used them like manual hubs all winter and I liked it. The factory hubs (especially the driver's side) have always been stiff. I decided to replace the factory hubs with aftermarket hubs.

The two choices I have are Warn and Mile Marker. I did some internet research and found the Mile Marker hubs are made of better material and are noticeably less expensive (~$120 vs $170). I went with the Mile Marker hubs.

Here is the box containing the hubs...P/N 449SS.

This is the inner part of the hub...nice and beefy.

This is the outer part.

Here is the bland, hard-to-turn factory hub.

Remove the snap ring and the hub will come off. You might need to tap it a few times with a rubber mallet.

Here is a comparison of the MileMarker and factory hubs.

Set the inner part of the MileMarker hub in place...

...and insert the (included) snap ring.

Bolt on the outer hub, and the installation is finished. The new hubs turn sooooooo much easier...and they're prettier.

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