Here's my truck sitting on the lot at Kenny Vice Ford. This lot is down the road from their dealership, and I almost missed it.

Kenny Vice had a dealer ad in the Trader, and this truck was listed there. I almost didn't make the 100-mile drive to look at it.

The ad said it had carpet delete and heavy duty suspension. I thought it made it sound like a work truck, and it had options that I wasn't looking for like the electronic shift transfer case and cab steps. On the other hand, it had the not so popular options that I did want, too, like cab lights, engine block heater, limited slip, no spare tire, V10, and no sliding rear window. That's why I decided to make the trip.

I took these pictures on August 8, 1999, and picked the truck up on August 13. There was a guy there waiting to see what I was going to do. If I didn't get the truck then he was going to!

I'm glad I got this truck. It gives me a smile every day.

Someone asked me what I was going to do with a big truck like this. I said, "Anything I want to!"

My dad and I had driven up to pick up the truck. On the way back we stopped at a convenience store in the middle of nowhere. I walked out of the restroom and who's standing there but my brother! He was doing some remodeling down the road and was on his lunch break. What a small world.

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