SuperDuty lift

April 2002

When I first purchased my truck I had no plans to lift it. The stock-sized tires were fine...well maybe I'd put 285/75's or 295/75's on it when the stock tires wore out. I ended up going with 255/85's. The larger tires looked good...for awhile. However, seeing the trucks of Badsuperduty, Rtxcoon, Eclipse, and others kept making me want to lift my truck. I especially liked Eclipse's truck because he used the stock wheels. Not only did it save the cost of new wheels, but I liked the 'tucked in' look of the narrower wheels.

I thought I would compromise and just go with the Tuff Country leveling kit and taller rear blocks. I even used floorjacks to simulate what the truck would look like. You can see this in the picture above. This doesn't look bad. It would only cost around $350 and I could still use the Edelbrock IAS shocks I had. What I decided to do hinged on one more thing....

The tires. Since I've had these tires I've had them balanced three times. Two of the tires are fine, but the other two don't balance well. They seem fine for a day or two after they are balanced, but then they start giving me problems. Big-O says they balance within specs. I decided that if the tires won't balance right then I'd go for new tires and a lift kit. I had the tires balanced on a Friday. They felt fine...for awhile. By the next week they were shaking my truck again. I surfed the internet and found BFGoodrich All Terrains for a good price with free shipping and a $50 rebate. Rancho was having a "Buy 3, get 1 free" special on their shocks, and I found a company with free shipping. Hello lift kit!

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