SuperDuty lift

Shimming the carrier bearing

If you lift a truck with the two-piece driveshaft you should probably plan on shimming the carrier bearing to maintain driveshaft alignment.

I unbolted the carrier bearing (14mm). I used a quick grip wood clamp to adjust the drive shaft until both halves of the driveshaft read the same angle. I only used 3/4" of spacers. I thought it would be more. I used 7/16" bolts to reassemble it.

I had to remove my remote transmission filter. The spring clamp was too close, and had actually dented the filter already. I returned it to stock configuration.

I moved the transmission temperature sensor to the side of the transmission.


Here is the truck before the lift.

Here is the truck after the lift.

Here is the truck after the 315/75R16 tires were installed.

Pictures of the completed truck

My prelift measurements were:

Left front: 39 3/4"
Left rear: 40 1/2"
Right front: 40"
Right rear: 41"

My postlift measurements were:

Left front: 44"
Left rear: 45"
Right front: 44"
Right rear: 45 1/4"

It appears I got ~ 4" inches of lift all the way around. I wasn't expecting to get the full 5.5" inches of lift in the front because I already had the heavy service suspension which made the truck set higher in front.

I am happy with the leveling of the truck using only the new rear springs. It still sets slightly tail high, which is how I like it. I thought I might have to use the factory 2" blocks.

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