Light bar refurb

When I bought my truck I also bought a new lightbar for it. Code 3 had just came out with their Excalibur lightbar. It is a lower profile version of their popular MX7000 lightbar. I thought it would be nice, especially since no one else had one. However, I never cared much for it. The lower lights are cheap and one of the takedown lights never worked right. The Excalibur bar uses wimpy 28-watt bulbs in the lower lights, whereas the MX7000 uses 55-watt bulbs.

Shannon, one of the guys on the fire department, told me he wanted to sell his MX7000 lightbar. All four of his rotators had broken gears, and each rotator costs $55 to replace. He sold me the lightbar for $150. My plan is to take the rotators and lenses off my Excalibur lightbar and put them in the MX7000.

Here is the partially disassembled MX7000. None of the four rotators work. The old MX7000 lightbars had a common problem with the rotator gears cracking. They don't make the old style rotators anymore, and new rotator assemblies cost $55 each. The new gears are black, and have larger teeth.

Shannon's lightbar had alot of extras...a center Oscilaser, 4 takedown lights, front/rear flashers, alley lights, and intersection lights.

OsciLaser - a foward pointing light that moves side-to-side and up-and-down.
Takedown lights - clear lights that shine forward.
Alley lights - clear lights that shine to the sides.
Intersection lights - clear lights that oscillate front to side.

Here is a view of the lower lights on the Excalibur lightbar. The light pointing forward is the takedown light that rarely works. Even so, you can see how the bulb has blackened the cheap plastic light. You can see on the the alley light that the plastic has a heat bubble on the top. I'll say it, cheap, cheap.

Another view of the cheap, blackened, plastic takedown light.

I stripped the MX7000 lightbar down to the frame and cleaned it prior to reassembly.

Here is the partially stripped Excalibur donor bar.

Reassembly is started on the MX7000. The black box is the flasher. I used the wiring harness from the Excalibur because it's the correct length for my truck. Placement of the components is easy due to the predrilled holes.

I connected the wiring harness to a terminal strip. I rewired the whole light bar with heavier than stock wiring. At the end of the bar are the alley lights. I removed the oscilating mechanism from the intersection lights and used them as another set of alley lights. I pointed these lights to the front slightly for a wider range of coverage. These work great for shining deer.

Here is a shot of the partially finished lightbar. You can see the four 55-watt takedowns which will make nice driving lights and will be wired to come on with the highbeams. I added the mirrors to the center rotator. I cut them down from some old mirror reflectors I had. They work great.

Here's an overview of the partially assembled MX7000.

Here's the lightbar back on my truck. It's much nicer than the old lightbar. I use Plexus polish to keep the lenses looking new.

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