Bigfoot X/T 255/85R16

Here is my truck with its new 255/85R16 Bigfoot X/T tires. They look much nicer than the stock tires. Ford should offer this size tire as an option.

The tires are an actual 2" taller than the 265/75R16 tires they replaced, but they are the same width.

The new tires ride much smoother than the factory 'E' rated tires.

The counter guy at Big O was curious why I didn't go with a wider tire, too. Here are my reasons:

- These tires fit on the stock rims, and I think the factory wheels look nice.
- Wider tires would throw road crud down the side of the truck.
- Wider tires would decrease the gas mileage.
- Since these tires are taller they might help the gas mileage.

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