American Racing Outlaw II wheels

Here are the new American Racing Outlaw II 16x8 wheels I got on 10/18/02. I have always liked these wheels and have them on my Jeep. When I found out they made them for the Ford Superduty I decided to get a set. I got them through Big-O tire. Their prices were better than mail order.

I like the looks of the new wheels. They are shinier than the factory wheels. The 8" wheels ride and handle better than the factory 7" wheels do. I also think the slightly wider wheels give the truck a meaner look. Some people say the factory wheels are too skinny for 12.50" tires. I didn't have any problems with them. I just like the new wheels better.

The factory wheel backspacing is 4.25". The Outlaw II's (P/N 626870) have a backspacing of 4.45". This means they are 0.2" closer to the frame, and the remaining 0.8" sticks out farther. The tires don't rub at all. I chose 8" wheels because I didn't want the wheels to stick out too far and chip the paint. I also thought 10" wheels would be harder on the cheap Ford wheel bearings.

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