Here are the mounting brackets that connect the Outland Sport Bar to the frame. They have a baked-on black krinkle finish.

Here are the brackets bolted to the bumper/frame. The remaining holes will be drilled through the bumper mounting plate and the frame. Mount one bracket at a time...otherwise the bumper will fall off.

Here are the bolts/backing plate that hold the bumper to the frame. The bolts are 18mm.

The sport bar is bolted on the brackets for a test fit. Make sure the bumper and the sport bar are positioned to your liking. Mark the holes in the mounting brackets for drilling.

I got lucky here. The frame mounting plates already have four holes in them, but Ford just used two per side to mount the bumper. Therefore, I just had to drill through the bumper itself.

The 1/2" holes have been drilled and the supplied bolts are put in place. During the drilling process the mounting brackets received a few scratches. I used some touchup paint on the scratches to prevent rust.

The Outland Sport Bar is bolted into place. There's enough play in the mounting bolts that the sport bar's final mounting position can be fine-tuned.

Click here for the installation of the lights.

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