Poron Reverse Sensor

Recently there was a discussion at Ford-Diesel.com about the value of reverse sensors. They are an option in the 2001 and later Superduty trucks. The people who have them seem to like them. A few other people have added them using aftermarket kits. The most popular aftermarket kit is made by Poron.

When backing up this 22 foot beast I've often wished I had a backup sensor. Things disappear quickly behind the truck, and I'm still not very good at judging distance behind my truck.

Here's the Poron kit. I ordered the Micro3LV version from Autotoys.com. It comes with 3 sensors, a display unit, and a junction box.

I tested the system on my workbench. The sensors were very accurate. Poron claims +/- 2 inches. My measurements showed +/- 1 inch accuracy.

I decided to mount the sensors in the plastic bumper coverings. They blend in to the coverings, and the coverings will offer some protection. I used a very sharp utility knife to cut the coverings to the shape of the sensors. I hid the wires under the coverings. I attached the sensors to the bumper with supplied 2-sided tape. The sensors come with nice folding mounting brackets, but I didn't use these.

The sensor wires are 6 feet long. I had initially planned to extend the sensor wires with telephone cord into the cab. However, I found that all the wires would reach the hitch mount tubing, so I decided to put the junction box there. I had tested the sensors with a 30 foot telephone cable extension. It didn't seem to affect the readings.

The three sensors plug into the junction box, as does the display unit. All the wiring is telephone cable type. The wiring from the display unit is 25 feet long. The power for the junction box is connected to the reverse wire. The junction box is also connected to ground.

I stuffed a rag into the tubing to keep the elements out.

The display unit comes with a nice bracket to mount it under the rearview mirror. I couldn't get this set up to my liking, so I mounted the display unit under my radio. The display shows 4.4 feet from the back of my truck to the garage door. The actual measured distance was 4' 3 1/2", or 4.3 feet.

The display unit also beeps at different speeds depending on the distance. So far I am really liking the unit. I'm interested to see how the system holds up to time and weather.

Update Sept 2002 - The backup sensor seems to be working well. I get an occasional false reading, but not very often. I need to readjust the sensors since I've lifted my truck several inches.

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