Power sliding rear window

My old GMC had a manual sliding rear window. Even though it was just an extended cab truck the window was impossible to open or close while driving. Back then I had toyed with the idea of getting a CR Laurence power sliding rear window.

A couple years ago a local auto window shop had the CR Laurence power sliders for $325 installed, so I decided to get one. I thought it would be a great addition to my crewcab truck. I set up an appointment to get it installed on my Friday off. I called the night before to make sure everything was ready to go. They said everything was ready. The next morning when I arrived bright and early for my appointment the owner met me in the parking lot. He told me there had been a slip-up and my window wasn't there...they had forgot to order it and the guy I spoke to the night before was in error. I was miffed, but I made another appointment for my next Friday off in two weeks. Two weeks passed. The night before my rescheduled appointment I came home to a message on my answering machine. It was from the window place. The price on the CR Laurence windows had increased to $400 and they wanted to know if I still wanted the window. I was pissed. They wouldn't honor their original price and they waited to call me the night before my appointment to tell me that!?!?!? I didn't even call them back. What a poor way to do business.

Recently 'K46Tank' at TheDieselStop.com posted a link to a power sliding rear window sale. It appears that CR Laurence bought out a competitor (Jackson Mfg.) and is selling off Jackson's power sliding rear window at a low price ($175 with shipping included). A normal CR Laurence power sliding rear window will run close to $400. For this low price I decided to order one.

Here is the window fresh off the UPS truck.

Unpacked in the garage.

The motors on the Jackson windows are integrated in the frame. To the best of my knowledge the CR Laurence motors are mounted separately. I think I like the integrated motor better...less to mess with.

Here is the wiring and stuff. The harness is prewired. It looks like it will be very simple to install. I just need to decide where to put the switch.

Here is a short video of the window in action on my workbench.

I've never seen a CR Laurence up close, but I think these windows open more. I measured it and it opens 18". Someone told me the factory sliders open 15".

I normally do most of my own work but I'm gonna have a shop install this window (not the one that screwed me earlier). I'll do the wiring. When I get the window installed I'll post more pictures.

Here is the window after it was installed at Sipes Body and Glass. I arrived about 15 minutes early for my 8:00 am appointment, and I was leaving at 7:58 am...that's how fast they installed it.

After looking at several mounting locations I decided to mount the switch on the seat. If you have power seats you'll have to find a different location. Here I've marked the location of the hole.

I used a cutoff wheel to make the hole, then trimmed it to fit with a utility knife.

I ran the harness from the window (where it just plugs into), under the door sills, and under the seat.

I ran the harness behind the mounting location. The only trick is to leave enough play to move the seat back and forth.

The finished switch.

The window is open. I noticed it doesn't open quite as far as it did on my bench due to the window being newly installed and tight. I'm hoping as the window settles into the gasket it will loosen up.

Update Spring 2004 - I love the window! It loosened up with time and opens all the way now. It is a great way to vent the cab without the wind rush of putting down the side windows.

Ford now offers a power sliding rear window, but they're only available in Lariats...what's up with that?!?!? Just make them an option for everyone. I think the guys who make decisions at Ford must smoke alot of crack.

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