Here is the factory stabilizer.

The steering stabilizer in the box. Part number RS5404. I got it for $36.50 plus shipping from Summit Racing.

The contents of the box.

Look how wimpy the factory piece is!

Info: The bolts are 15mm, and the nuts are 18mm. I used the factory nuts and bolts. The only hardware I used from the Rancho kit were the sleeves.

The Rancho stabilizer installed and ready to go.

This was a very easy project. At 10:22 I was sitting at the computer with my new digital camera when I decided to swap the steering stabilizer. At 10:58 I was leaving the garage. It was that easy!! 36 minutes...including cleaning up my mess and taking pictures.

Impressions: I love it! This is definitely a 'must do' for all Superduties. It gets rid of the shimmying and wandering you feel when hitting bumps. It also eliminates the normal 'road feel' that gets transmitted back through the steering wheel. I never realized how much annoying steering feedback there was.

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