Stereo delay modification

There was recently a discussion at about the possibility of making the radio 'time-delayed off' like the power windows. This interested me so I decided to give it a try.

The time delay feature is controlled by the Generic Electronic Module (GEM). The GEM controls a relay which applies power to the power window circuit. The circuit is energized for about 10 minutes after turning off the truck. Opening the door de-energizes the circuit. A little experimenting revealed this circuit is also powered on 'accessory'...just what I needed for the stereo.

Here are the wires which control the power windows. The wire we are interested in is the large blue wire with the black stripe.

The delay power wire runs directly from the fuse/relay panel to the window controls on the door. The easiest place to tap into this wire (that I found) was inside the rubber boot between the door and the body. I used a solderless tap to connect to this wire. I then replaced the boot.

I connected my new wire (the blue wire with pink connector) to a spare location on a terminal strip under the dash.

Above is the schematic of the factory radio. Cut the factory 'accessory power' wire to the stereo, and connect a new wire to the stereo side. Put a piece of tape around the end of the other wire to protect it. The black wire w/pink trace is the wire which would be changed for the factory radio. I have an aftermarket radio, so my wiring is slightly different.

I connected the wire from my stereo (the white wire) to the delayed-power wire...and the project is finished! Now the radio will stay on for up to 10 minutes after shutting off my truck, or until I open the door. A very nice feature.

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