I decided to install the transmission temperature sender in the cooling line. I've read this gives a more accurate reading of the transmission temperature. I might as well kill two birds with one stone, so I installed also a B&M transmission filter kit. It has provisions for a temperature sender in the filter adapter.

To mount the adapter where I wanted I needed to trim the corner off the bracket. I marked it...

...then trimmed the corner with a hacksaw.

The fittings are installed.

I mounted the adapter on the passenger-side frame, behind the radiator, and below the cooler lines. There's a bracket attached to the frame (I don't know what it's there for), and this is what I bolted the adapter to.

Here's an upward view of the adapter on the bracket. The transmission cooler lines are visible in the background.

The cooler lines and filter are attached. I didn't cut the factory cooler line. This way I can easily reconnect the hose if the need arises.

Here is a view from the wheelwell. The filter is out of the way of the leaf spring.

I ran all the wiring from the senders to the terminal strip under the dash.

The guages and pod are nice. When the engine is warmed up the transmission temperature is ~ 150 degrees, the water temperature is 180-190 degrees, and the oil pressure is ~ 60 psi.

Update May 2002 - My new liftkit springs interfere with the remote transmission filter, so I removed it. I mounted my transmission temperature sender in the more traditional location on the side of the transmission.

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