Here is the Superlift Truspeed ratio converter. I purchased it from Tyres International for $169.95.

The contents of the box.

The wire I have to splice into is on the bottom connector of the ABS unit. It is a gray/black wire. The connector is partially hidden in this picture.

To access the connector I had to remove the air filter, vapor cannister, and the cannister bracket. The cannister bracket bolts are 10mm. Diesel guys will also have to remove their second battery.

Here is the wire that needs to be spliced.

The green and yellow wires are spliced to the factory sensor wire. The green and yellow wires are about 6 feet long, so the converter can be placed in the cab.

The green wire is connected to the connector side of the sensor wire. The wires are soldered and covered with heat shrink which is included with the kit. The wires are recovered with the ziploom. The connector is reconnected. The air filter, vapor cannister, etc., are put back into place.

The TruSpeed uses potientometers for its adjustments. The Truspeed instructions suggest starting points based upon tire heights. From there the settings are fine-tuned until they are dead on. I have the luxury of a GPS to adjust my speedometer. After a short trip to town I was able to get the speedometer corrected to within 1 mph. I temporarily mounted the TruSpeed loosely next to my fuse panel. When I get it adjusted to my liking I will mount it permanently.

Update: On a trip to Lafayette I checked the accuracy of my odometer against the interstate mileage markers. Over 20 miles my odometer read 19.9, which is within 0.5%. Good enough for me. Also, it seems to me that my transmission shifts better than it ever has. It always seems to shift and downshift at just the right time.

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