2003 FEMA grant

The department was awarded a $101,100 FEMA grant on August 13, 2003. FEMA is giving us 90% ($90,998) and we match 10% ($10,110). This is part of the U.S Fire Administration's Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

We are buying SCBAs, turnout gear, pagers, and portable radios with the money.

Here are the pagers. We ordered 22 of them. We also ordered the programming software and a paging encoder. The paging encoder had to be custom programmed for the Motorola Plectron tones our county uses. Here is the programming for our encoder. We got the pagers and encoder from Falcon Wireless.

Click here for some Monitor 4 quirks and aggravations.

Here are the seven portables. We ordered RELM RPV516A portables. They have 16 channels, scanning, two-tone decoding, etc. We also got the portables and programming software from Falcon Wireless.

Note: If you set up the portables to scan, then they actually only have 15 channels. The 16th channel becomes the 'scan' control on the channel knob. These radios have versatile two-tone decoding (paging)...you can use up to 10 different sets of programmable tones.

Here are the radios in the chargers. I charged/discharged them several times to break in the batteries.

I programmed the portables with 13 radio channels and two paging channels. They will page on county fire dispatch or our repeater.

Here are the pagers...programmed and ready to go.

We purchased Chieftain 3200 series turnout gear made of the Advance khaki fabric.

We also got Cairns 1010 helmets.

We purchased a total of 12 Scott 'Fifty' SCBAs. These things are $4500 each!

We got 16 spare carbon cylinders.

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