The $40,000 Build Indiana grant is awarded.

Pictured left to right are State Representative Jerry Denbo, Fire Chief Standley Wright, County Commissioners Tim Terry and Eace Roberts, State Senator Becky Skillman

Click here for more pictures from the award dinner.

The footer is already poured, and Bill Todd is digging out for the floor. He found an old tree stump, and had to do alot of extra digging to get rid of it.

The floor is poured. IMI brought the concrete.

The 10" concrete block walls are finished. Bill Ryan of Oolitic did the masonery work. On the bundle of bricks can be seen the sustenance of life...Mountain Dew.

The roof trusses go up! Now the building starts to take shape. Johnny's Signs supplied the crane.

Checking out the trusses. Oh, that Indiana rain!
(L to R) My uncle Sam, Dad (the chief), Bill Todd

Almost done.

The finished station. The concrete pad is poured, the brick fascia is complete, the new guttering is up, and the new windows are installed. The chief can be seen applying caulk to the seams.

Mike took this picture with his digital camera.

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