Brush truck project

On October 29, 2001, our department purchased this truck to build into a brush truck. It's a 1992 Ford F250HD with a fuel-injected 460, 5-speed transmission, 4x4 (of course), Dana 60 axles. The truck was purchased for $3285 at Carrolton, Kentucky. We'll be doing lots of things to the truck to get it ready for service...paint it red, new wheels and tires, emergency equipment, etc. I'll try to post pictures as the truck develops.

We currently use Truck 1 for brush/woods fires. It does okay, but it's too heavy and doesn't have very good traction. It'll make a nice 'second out' brush truck when this one is done.

A few pieces we will be scrounging from the recycling yards are a shift knob and a tailgate. The shift knob is missing and the tailgate is bent beyond repair. It'll also be getting a new dual exhaust.

The following items were ordered on October 29th:

- Force 4 LP6000 lightbar, Code 3 siren and speaker, battery auto-charger and auto shoreline disconnect from Heiman Fire Equipment.
- Maxon SM4000 radio and antenna from Economy 2-Way Radio.
- Headlight flasher from Galls.

November 1

The truck now has a new dual exhaust. I also installed a relay board for the lights and siren, and switches in the dash.

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