This is our pride and joy, Engine 3. 1000 gpm Hale pump, 1500 gallon polytank, lots and lots of storage space, 530 diesel with 300 hp/950 ft lbs of torque, Allison 5-speed automatic...heavenly.

The pumper and its equipment were purchased with a $115,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Commerce, a $5500 grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and $45,000 from the fire department. Since our department gets ~$13,000/year from the township contract this meant LOTS of fundraising and saving. Go to my grant page to learn about what we had to go through to get our grant.

Engine 3 and its new partner, Tanker 2, display their door decals.

Ever ready...Engine 3 and Tanker 2 await the next call.

Here is the heart of the pumper...the pump. This is a 1000 gallon-per-minute (gpm) Hale pump.

Here is some of the equipment on the pumper. None of this equipment came with the pumper. We had to buy all of it ourselves...about $20,000 worth. Fire equipment is EXPENSIVE!

Cord reel

View the compartments

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