Engine 3 comes home

September 24

Nearly nine months after its wreck Engine 3 was repaired and ready to come home. Dad, LD, Micah, and I are going to get it.

It was a beautiful morning as I waited on the crew to come by and pick me up. We made a side trip to drop off Dad's truck at Jenkins Electrical. He had a bad alternator.

A pitstop at Martinsville.

A couple hours later we arrive at RPI in Tipton, IN. They were expecting us. =)

On the way I took a picture of a radio tower and it turned out very cool.

A repaired Engine 3 awaited us. We spent quite a bit of time checking out the new features of the truck. Ray (black shirt) explained how things were constructed, wired, functions, etc.

We also got to see our new minipumper that is being built. We went over some details of it and made a few clarifications and additions.

After completing some paperwork Ray took us to lunch. On the way we were stopped at a crossing. It was interesting as there were TWO trains working the tracks at the same time. I enjoyed watching the trains since Bedford in virtually railroad free now. On the way thru town we caught the barber sleeping.

I've made a few trips to Tipton this year and I've always wanted a picture of the courthouse. Today I wasn't driving, so I got one. I love the tower. It's too bad the clock part is bricked in.

After lunch (thanks Ray!) it was back to RPI where the Engine was brought around to us. I don't think it's ever looked prettier. LD and Micah did the driving honors.

Headed home. We made a pitstop in Waverly and the Engine got a lot of looks.

Back in Fayetteville. It felt good to hear the air brakes set...almost like the truck let out a happy sigh of relief to be back home.

The Engine now has a rescue-style body (full height doors, squared tailboard), a top-mount pump, dual suction hose racks, two sets of floodlights, and several other updates.

There are two compartments for ladders and pike poles.

Each tall compartment has an adjustable shelf. The SCBA compartments hold two bottles each. The truck has a very efficient use of space.

As soon as the truck was parked it was time to start getting it back in service. Here the old turtle tile is being puzzled back into a new space.

It was unfortunate the truck was wrecked, but in the end we have a much more useful truck. We were able to integrate 15 years of experience into the new design. RPI was a pleasure to work with.

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