Junior Firefighter program


The purpose of the Junior Firefighter program is to allow supervised minors to familiarize themselves with the fire department and firefighting operations, and to promote personal growth and community responsibility.


Junior firefighters may attend fire and EMS classes and are encouraged to do so. However, the state of Indiana will not recognize or approve certifications until the applicant has reached 18 years of age and met all criteria.


As a representative of the fire department Junior Firefighters are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, discipline, and honor. Inappropriate behavior will reflect poorly on themselves and their sponsor and can result in dismissal from the Junior Firefighter program.

Requirements for Junior Firefighters

Must be at least 16 years of age.
Must have a valid driver's license.
Must maintain passing grades in school and provide verification upon request.

Junior Firefighters will be allowed to:

- assist in non-hazardous activities at fire scenes at the discretion of the scene commander.
- assist at vehicle accidents while accompanied by sponsor or member.
- assist with fundraising activities.
- assist with truck and equipment maintenance.
- assist with fire station cleaning and maintenance.
- use fire station facilities.
Junior Firefighters will not:

- respond to or medical runs or provide medical care.
- use blue lights or radios for official use.
- respond to incidents in fire department apparatus.
- drive apparatus.
- vote on fire department business.

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