New Minipumper

On December 21, 2010, Dad, Monty, Micah, Larry and I made a trip to RPI to pick up our new minipumper. It was the last of several trips we had made that year as we had our pumper repaired and our AFG-granted minipumper built.

Tipton had gotten quite a bit of snow.

Due to the weather we took my Jeep Liberty. Chief burns a cigarette.

RPI's sign always greeted us on our scheduled visits. Very classy.

Our new truck ready for inspection.

RPI's personnel went over the truck with us.

The 2011 bumper was redesigned from the previous year, and the siren speaker they had received didn't fit. The correct speaker was due any minute via UPS.

The truck has a booster reel and generator mounted above the tank. They are controlled by a panel located at the back of the truck. There is a ladder compartment on the right side and a hose compartment on the left.

The siren speaker arrived on time and was installed.

Paperwork was completed, a final check handed over, and the truck was brought around to the front where I took some pictures.

Down the road for fuel...

...then start the trip back home.

At home in Fayetteville everyone checked out the new truck.

Soon it was time to get down to the business of getting the truck ready for service. Install radios...load it with equipment, hose.

RPI was a pleasure to deal with on both trucks. They accomodated our questions and changes and unscheduled visits. They did great work and treated us like family.

Stay tuned for updates.

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