Tanker 2

Here are Engine 3 and our new truck, Tanker 2, parked side-by-side. My brother is trying to scamper away. This is a picture of Tanker 2 before it was striped and lettered. It also has the old light on it.

Here my brother (on the engine) and Mike are loading some hose from the pumper to the new tanker.

Here is Tanker 2 with new lettering on the door and striping on the body. The new lightbar can be seen also. We got it from the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department for $100. It looks much better than the old bubble gum light it had when we bought the truck.

Godsey's Body Shop in Fayetteville repainted the doors, several areas on the cab, and fixed a couple blemishes.

This truck should be perfect for us...1900 gallons of water, a decent sized PTO pump, big motor, short wheelbase...

Here Mike backs the tanker into its new home.

The striping on the rear can be seen, as well as the 24' extension ladder, 2500 gallon dump tank, hose, and 6" dump.


478 cu. in. gas V8
5-speed transmission
2-speed rear axle
air brakes
short wheelbase
Darley 350 gpm PTO pump
Stainless steel 1900 gallon tank
6" rear dump valve
~100 cubic feet of compartment space
Two preconnected crosslays above the pump panel.

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