Tanker 6

Tanker 6 was purchased on June 27, 2006 from the Wolfville Fire Department in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The story about driving it back can be found here.

It holds 3800 gallons of water, a 600gpm pump, and a deck gun.

It has tons of compartment space.

After we got the truck home there were several things to do to it to get it in service:

- We had to change the fittings from Nova Scotia threads to National Standard Thread.
- We spent several weeks tracking down and eliminating air leaks. Almost everything in this truck runs off air.
- Added a two-way radio.
- Changed the overhead red lights.
- Added fans for cab ventilation.
- Moved the battery conditioner from the cab to a compartment.
- Installed an on-board air compressor.
- Installed a stainless steel exhaust tip.
- Had the truck relettered and striped.

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