Truck 1 upgrade

Truck 1 has been the workhorse of the department since 1979. From 1979 until 1996, when we got our pumper, Truck 1 responded to every call and carried the majority of our equipment. Now that we have the pumper and brush truck the role of Truck 1 has decreased to medical runs, car wrecks, and as a second out brush truck. We really liked the polytank we used for the brush truck, so we decided to replace the 300 gallon stainless tank with a 200 gallon polytank. Truck 1 is overloaded, and the 100 gallon decrease will help it alot. The new tank will set lower in the bed, too, and should make the truck handle better.

The booster reel will mount on the new polytank. We will be able to get rid of the rack it sits on now. We're also going to make a small manifold similar to the brush truck.

Here is the 200 gallon polytank. It is narrower and taller than the tank in the brush truck project. The shipping company slightly damaged the left corner of the beavertail.

The current tank is just setting on C-channeling that is laid in the bed. More than once the channeling has fallen over and needed reset. We are concerned that in a crash the tank could become a 2500 pound missle. The new tank will be bolted down.

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