Truck 1 upgrade

The Chief drills some holes in the pump in preparation for mounting. The attack poodle looks on.

We set the tank in the truck at our training session. It looks good in there. The truck is still in service for EMS runs so a couple backboards were laid next to the tank.

Things are starting to take shape. The tank is bolted down. The feet are on the manifold, and some plumbing is in place. Most of the wiring is finished. We are moving some of the pump controls (starter and kill switch) to a box under the light switches.

Here is the finished product. The plumbing and the wiring are finished. We're still waiting on the new booster hose, but it always seems to ship slowly.

We have some 1 1/2" hose for the occasional roadway washdown. The booster hose will be nice when this truck assists Truck 5 on brush fires. All the EMS equipment is stored together now.

Here is a "before and after" picture. The truck is now a lot better. Less weight, handles better. The truck sets more level. The light bar is more visible. Things are easier to get to.

We also had the doors and compartments relettered.

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