Police car building

The sheriff's department is fortunate to be able to purchase several new police cars each year. The oldest cars are rotated out of service to be auctioned or given to the Sheriff's Reserve program.

Contrary to what many people think, the cars are not sent to a shop for conversion to a police car. The police cars are equipped by members of the sheriff's department. Most of the equipment going into these cars is reused from the cars they are replacing. This keeps costs low.

There is quite of bit of work involved in outfitting a new police car...radios, lightbar, strobes, sirens, switches, cameras, etc. We thought you might enjoy the process.

Here are 5 new 2004 Crown Victorias ready to be converted to police cars.

A squeaky clean engine compartment.

A spotless new interior. There's nothing like the new car smell.

The reverse light assembly...


...and parking light assemblies are removed so strobe light bulbs can be installed.

The front passenger seat is removed...

...along with the rear seat and the passenger side trim. This will allow the wiring to be run.

One of the challenges (aggravations) is dealing with new model year changes. Here we are trying to find a new place to put the horns. Ford placed an airbag sensor where we normally put the siren speaker, so we put the speaker where the horns are. We also mounted the headlight flasher.

The strobe packs have been installed behind the carpeting.

The black box below the strobe packs is the new-for-2004 80-amp trunk power point. Good job Ford!

The radio is installed and the rear is buttoned up.

When we install a camera the radio is mounted on top of the camera vault.

A small area behind the reverse lights has to be removed. The new cars have less space there this year.

Pop and sweet tea keep us going.

Here's a strobe bulb installed in the parking lights.

Here are the power wires and wiring to the front. These cars don't have the extra fuse panel on the passenger side like the others have had, so we had to make our own source of 'key on' power.

A hole is drilled in the roof for the lightbar cable.

The lightbar is installed and the cable is ran down the B-pillar and under the carpet.

The radio head is being installed in the console.

No one drinks tea without being put to work. Here the connections are being tested prior to being soldered. All the wires from the lightbar, the trunk, and the front terminate at the console.

All the wiring is finished...and everything works!

This year the cars are getting LED rear deck lights. These things are bright!

The radar is installed.

The remote controlled shotgun mount is installed.

The next step for this car will be Johnny's Signs for striping.

Here is car 03-01A back from Johnny's Sign Shop.

The car is ready to be placed in service to help protect the citizens of Lawrence County, Indiana.

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