2004 police car build

Fall 2004 - This year the sheriff's department received a total of 6 new police cars to be set up. Here are a few pictures of the happenings this year.

Most commercial shops charge $1000-1500 in labor alone to equip a police car. Labor for these cars is donated by members of the sheriff's department.

Four of the new cars will going to the captains. These cars will not have lightbars. Here are the old shift captains' cars.

The bad part is they have mirror strobes. These are a P-A-I-N to put on. A strobe cable has to be snaked through the mirror housing, into the door, through the door, and into the body.

Here Mike is disassembling a door to run the mirror strobe cable.

There is plenty of wiring to do...

...and everyone gets their turn.

The two new patrol cars will get these low-profile LED lightbars.

I think John is dreaming about his hottub.

Equipment is being checked.

John is testing a radar unit while Mike fabricates a mount for one of the radar antenna heads.

Many officers pitched in to get the new cars built. The parking lot was often crowded with police cars.

Here is a finished captain's car ready to be taken to Johnny's Signs for striping.

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