Special Deputy

I am a 'medic' for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department's ERT team. As a member of the sheriff's department I am allowed to ride along with other officers. I usually ride with my friend John.

As part of the commitment to being a special deputy I was required to take the Indiana Law Enforcement Pre-Basic course which included 24 hoursof general classroom instruction of Indiana law, 16 hours of defensive tactics, and 8 hours of firearms training. I scored 236 of 240 on firearm's qualification which ranks me as 'Expert'.

Update 4/18/03 - We requalified today. I got 239 of 240. The highest score of the department.

Update 4/04 - Requalification. I got 236 of 240. Consistent, but down a little.

My appointment letter

Snow beasts - military surplus Blazers.

Special projects

Lawrence County Sheriff Department

Update - I enjoyed my ten years or so with the department. Over time several things changed. Different interests took up my free time and I didn't feel like I had the time to be as useful as I had once been. Administrations changed with different expectations, visions, and politics. For several years I ran the department's website but the new administration gave that responsibility to a commercial company. ERT training changed from the weekends to during the week when I was at work and the last few years I wasn't able to participate much. Eventually you see it is time to move on.

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