Deck Project

My deck was getting in very bad shape. Some of the boards were rotted through. I don't think whoever built it used treated boards for the decking. The deck was also painted, and the paint was peeling badly.

I'm going to make the deck larger, and use the 6x6 posts from the patio to support one side of the deck. The deck will be 'L' shaped when I'm through.

I have already removed the railing and bench seat.

One truckload of old deck.

Another truckload, and the deck is gone.

I've dug the holes for the posts.

Here is a one-man auger. It's the berries for digging holes. Sure beats a post hole digger.

Here are a couple pictures of the beams. These will support the joists, and the decking will be placed on the joists. The rim joists are in place.

The joists are in place.

Before I start decking I'm going to finish a couple other items such as the stairs and some conduit I'm running. Here are the first set of stairs. These are the first stairs I've built!

Here are a couple pictures of the conduit I'm running from the house to both garages. It will carry telephone cable, CAT 5 cable, and TV cable.

I 'picture framed' the deck with 2x8's. Here the decking is completed on the penisula section.

Here's a rainy day picture of the finished decking. I still have to put up the railing. I've needed to replace the deck for years. It's very satisfying to finally have the hard part finished.

Stay tuned as I update the photos.

Click here for finished pictures of the deck.

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