New heat pump (page 2)

The secondary heating elements are an option and must be installed if purchased. I removed the blocking plate and installed the heating elements in its place. Pretty simple. The circuit breakers come with the heating elements and are already mounted on the metal plate. The metal plate is screwed into place in the proper orientation. The air handler will be upside down in its final position.

The white connector in the air handler normally only powers the blower fan and comes with a simple two-wire power pig tail. The heating element wiring plugs into this connector in place of the pigtail. It supplies the power to the blower and also has the low voltage control wires.

While I had the furnace closet torn apart I decided to add a subpanel. Previous owners remodeled the bathroom and added an attic fan, and their wiring job was a little sad. I ran new circuits for these as well as the air handler and outside condensor. In the future I need to run wiring to my front porch and rear deck, and this will be a handy take-off point.

I used the two 60-amp connections to power the 125 amp subpanel. When using two sets of power wires like this you need to make sure the wires are kept in phase at the main breaker (supply) panel.

I had to modify the existing mounting base for the new air handler. I used pieces of ductwork to block off dead areas and to smooth out the air flow. I tack welded the pieces in place and used screws and duct tape to hold the pieces.

The air handler comes in an upflow configuration and has to be converted for downflow. The evaporator coil is removed. Next the mounting hardware is removed, flipped around, and remounted in holes predrilled for the downflow configuration.

Everything is reassembled.

It was at this point I was left scratching my head. Everything went together as it was supposed to, but the evaporator coil protruded from the top by a couple inches. I emailed Goodman, and they said this was correct. It's not that big of a deal...just a surprise. In the instruction manual it says when converted to downflow the supplied air filter brackets can't be used. I'll make an extension that will incorporate the air filter brackets.

Here is a picture of the extension and filter holder I made.

A picture of the wiring in the disconnect box.

The disconnect box and the wiring.

I put a terminal strip in the condensor to connect the control wires to.

Everything is done that I can do. Now it's time for the professional to finish the job.

My friend came out and soldered the lines and did some testing. Everything checked out so he charged the system. We turned on the power...and everything worked the first time!

The new system is great! Better air flow, much quieter, nicer heating and cooling. It was well worth the work.

Now that the old A/C unit is gone I'm left with a big empty space. I think I'll extend the deck over. Stay tuned for that project.

Update 10/2005 - The new heat pump is wonderful. During the peak heating/cooling months my new heat pump is saving me at least $50/month over the old system, and I'm able to keep it warmer/cooler, too.

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