Loft project

I decided to add a loft to my big garage to take advantage of the high ceiling.

The first step was to move my LP heater.

I also had to temporarily remove one section of my overhead storage. It will be reconnected to the loft.

The main beam is started.

Most of the floor framing is in place.

The stairs are built.

A view of the floor joists.

Some of the flooring is down. I'm using 2 layers of 1/2" OSB because I had extra left over from my patio project.

The floor is done and so is the wiring.

A downward view of the stairs.

I used track lighting for the loft.

Here is a shot of the loft. I'm done with the construction. Now I have to get things arranged.

My friend John gave me his old kitchen cabinets. I put one set above my bench. It makes great storage.

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