New garage

January 28, 2006

This morning brought more un-January-like weather...sunny and in the 50s. My dad, brother, and several guys from the fire department (LD, Cody, Louie, Mike, Brady) came over to put on the metal roofing.

My brother Monty is at the peak. We've laid down a sheet of the foil/bubble/poly insulation I'm using.

LD is putting some screws in and getting ready for the next sheet.

I like using metal roofing. It goes up fast, is colorful, and should last my lifetime.

Louie and Dad were always ready with the next sheet. Using bungie cords makes the metal sheets less floppy.

The next sheet is slid into place. Dad, the monkeyman of Eureka, checks the placement so LD can screw it into place. Sarah and Cody followed LD and finished screwing the panels in place. We used chalk lines to keep the screws in line.

Sometime in the future I will be replacing the shingle roof on my house with green metal. I'll probably regret not ordering the metal when it was on sale.

In less than two hours we had the north roof finished. We took a lunch break and got ready for the other side. Cody is moving some equipment around.

Another view of the north roof.

It took a little over an hour to finish the other side.

The underside of the roof showing the insulation.

After the roof was on Dad and I worked on some odds and ends. Monty suggested adding some more bracing at the ends.

I attached the new garage to the old one with lag screws.

We installed the windows. Because we took our time with the framing we didn't have to use any shims.

Here is the trim in the box it came in.

Here is some of the ivory metal I will be using for the sides.

January 29, 2006

We spent the afternoon putting trim around the garage doors.

January 30, 2006

I put trim around the entry door after I got home from work.

January 31, 2006

Dad trimmed two of the windows.

February 1, 2006

Dad finished the last two windows.

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