New garage


When I started this project I expected to do 99% of it by myself, just as I had on my deck, patio, garage loft, etc. I also expected the garage project to take the better part of a year. It was unexpected, but nice, to have the guys from the fire department help with the trusses and garage metal roof. It would have taken me weeks to do what they did in a short day. My brother also chipped in labor and knowledge and answered a lot of questions I had. David Evans drilled the last of my post holes and passed along some of his building wisdom.

The person who contributed the most assistance was my dad. It's nice to have a craftsman/perfectionist who is retired and always looking for something new to get into. Several early mornings I went out to work on the garage to find him already working on something. He spent a lot of time on the garage when I was working. I still have problems with my ankle which slows me down and an extra set of hands is nice. Looking back, I don't know if one person could have put up the taller pieces of wall metal.

My 'Thank You' list - Dad, Monty, LD, Sarah, Poo, Adam, Mike, Cody, Brady, Dave Evans, Jim Strunk, Chuck Strunk, and Ebony the attack poodle.

Lessons Learned

When you undertake a project like building a garage you'll get advice from many people. Listen to all of it. Use what you need and appreciate the rest. Monty had ideas about bracing. Dave recommended using a 2x8 for the bottom purlin. LD has some construction tips, etc. All contributed to the betterment of the garage.

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