I am writing with some constructive criticism in regards to some of your equipment. I recently rented a skid steer with a hydraulic auger attachment (invoice 19373). I was very disappointed with the performance of the auger.

My first disappointment was trying to install the auger extension. It was rusted and dinged to the point it would not attach to the Bobcat or the auger. I had to grind off the rust and file down the dings as well as use plenty of WD40 to get the system together. I don't mind putting forth some effort to get things to work, but when you're renting, time is money.

In the past I have rented the one-man post hole digger and dug twelve holes in less than an hour. I expected the hydraulic auger to surpass this. In 7.2 hours of Bobcat usage (close to 13 hours actual time) I was only able to drill 14 holes of the 19 I needed done.

Today a friend stopped by to survey my new garage site. He asked why I still had five post holes to dig and I explained about the poor performing auger I had rented. He returned later with his ‘old tractor and auger' and had the remaining holes dug in less then 10 minutes.

Comparing his auger to yours I noticed some things. The tip of his auger had 4 teeth on it. The rental auger had none. His auger blade had 5 teeth on it. Your auger had one. His auger dug through gravel like butter. I had to dig away gravel for your auger to work at all.

I don't know if your auger is worn or broken or poorly equipped but it might be in your best interest to fix or upgrade it. I was aggravated and disappointed to spend a whole day to only finish 74% of my work when I only budgeted to spend a few hours.

When I finished using the equipment I washed the Bobcat (inside and out) and auger with hot water and returned it cleaner than I received it. When I refilled it with diesel it was filled to the brim. I treat other's equipment with respect and I expect equipment I rent to be capable.

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