Ranger driving lights replacement

My girlfriend has a Ford Ranger with driving lights...at least that's what Ford calls them. They only come on with the low beams (more like fog lights) and they aren't very bright. They seem to be more for looks.

Recently one of the lights burned out, so I decided to replace them with some better lights.

Here is one of the driving lights. Around here we call these type of lights 'tractor lights'. They are sealed beam.

Here is the mounting bracket for the driving lights. I will give Ford credit...these brackets are heavy duty.

Two 13mm bolts hold the bracket on.

Here is the back of the bracket. I'm gonna use the big hole to mount the new lights.

I got these lights on Ebay for around $45.

They are decent lights. They come with a pre-assembled wiring harness, relay, switch, etc.

A side view of the lights.

The new light brackets were a little too wide for the factory brackets, so I used a cutoff wheel to make some room. Nothing is ever easy when you're doing custom work.

Ahhhhh...now it fits.

Here is the light is mounted. By using the big hole it allows me to adjust the light to fit the hole in the spoiler. I used a piece of aluminum strap to clamp the light in.

Here is the finished product. It looks better, and works ALOT better. I wired the lights to come on with the high beams like driving lights should.

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