Cobra engine guards

Here are the Cobra engine guards (P/N 01-1121). I purchased them from Accessories International for $140.

The first step of the installation is to remove the seat and gas tank. Then remove the frame covers with a Phillips screwdriver.

Removing the frame covers reveals the mounting holes for the top of the engine guards. Here are the left side holes...

...and here are the right side holes.

The instructions say to drill these holes out to 5/16". I used some black touch up paint on the holes after I drilled them.

The instructions say to remove the top bolt on the shifter mechanism, but I found it was easier to remove both and let the shifter hang. The goal is to remove the frame crossmember bolt. It will be the lower mounting point for the left side engine guard. The bolts are 12mm.

The bolt has been removed.

The upper foot peg bracket bolt is removed on the right side. The lower mount of the right side engine guard mounts here. The longer bolt included the kit is not chrome, so I reused the stock bolt. The bolt is 14mm.

Hmmmm. The right side engine guards missed the mounting holes by a good 1/4".

I used an awl to leverage the bar down so I could get a bolt in one of the holes. It was easy to do.

Note: The included 5/16" bolts for the upper holes are 3/4" long. These are too hard to get the nuts and washer on to. Go to the store and get 1" or 1 1/4".

The holes still weren't close enough, so I had to enlarge the lower hole with an air grinder. A round file would work, too. Don't forget the touch up paint.

Ahhhhh...the right side engine guard is installed.

Here's another view.

All the bolt holes on the left side engine guard matched and it bolted on with no problems...other than the nuts are kind of hard to thread on the bolts. A little patience will defeat this problem.

Here's another view of the left side engine guard.

The spark plug wire rubbed against the engine guard... I tweaked the bracket a little. Problem solved.

The frame covers hide the upper mounting bolts.

Here are a couple overall pictures of the engine guards.

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