Cruise control

My friend John and I are taking a motorcycle trip to Colorado. In preparation I decided to add a cruise control to my bike. I purchased a Vista Universal cruise control from .

The instructions leave a little to be desired, so here is a quick overview.

Mount bracket 1 first. I had to move the shifter to the left slightly. Mount arm 2 next. Slide actuator piece 3 over the throttle and tighten the set screws. Bolt the thumb lever 4 to the actuator and arm. Now you're pretty much finished.

Here is another view.

Here the cruise control is 'on'. The thumb lever pushes against the chrome bracket, which clamps the throttle in place.

Flipping the thumb lever up disengages the cruise control. You adjust the nut on the bolt with the spring to the tightness desired for proper operation.

It's a simple contraption and seems to work well. I'll report back after my trip.

Update - The cruise control worked fine on our trip, although I didn't use it that often. It works better on flat ground than hills, as it doesn't compensate for added engine load.

Update 7/2005 - The cruise control wouldn't fit with new Kuryakyn grips so I gave it to Mike.

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