Exhaust modification

It didn't take long after I got my bike to want to make the exhaust sound better. I got a couple ideas from the Shadow Riders Forum.

The first mod involved drilling a hole through the middle of the baffle and through a couple of plates. This made the exhaust tone a little louder, but I wasn't happy with it. It wasn't rumbly enough for me.

The second mod has been labeled the '2 1/8" holesaw modification'. It involves drilling out the baffles with a 2 1/8" holesaw. After you drill the baffle retaining plate, wiggle the baffle out with a pair of pliers. Above is a picture of the baffle.

The exhaust sounds alot better with the baffles removed. I kept the exhaust this way for over a year.

Eventually I wanted to experiment a little more, so I used the holesaw to remove the other baffle retaining plate and the plate with holes in it (spark arrestor plate?). This made the sound a little deeper and and a little louder than before. I like it!

The small hole in the above picture is the initial mod I made.

I think if you go deeper than this you basically have an open exhaust.

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